When Will Humorously Yours Season 2 Release? Director Shares Update

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Arjun Varma

humorously yours season 2

While we all eagerly wait for TVF’s next web series to fill that ‘Humorously Yours-sized’ void in our lives, here’s an update for fans wondering when Vipul, Bhushi and the gang will return for a second season.

We recently spoke with Humorously Yours director Amit Golani about the series and got him to shed some light on plans for season 2, if any. Good news is that he’s confirmed season 2 is on the cards and they’re looking at releasing it in 2018.

He also mentioned that the team has “not yet” had any discussions regarding the storyline for TVF HY Season 2.

Well, with focus shifting now to Pitchers Season 2, it’s fair to assume that discussions around a second season for Humorously Yours might only begin towards the end of this year.

Meanwhile, fans and viewers have been raving about the TVF HY season finale episode which released last Sunday. The Open Mic Nights montage in the episode was a fantastic way of showcasing a side to stand-up comedy that many may not be aware of.

As is rightly mentioned in a review about the episode on Film Companion– that ‘testing’ jokes on a ‘guinea pig’ audience is a “perfectly acceptable and an essential part of a very extensive creative process” for a stand-up comedian.

TVF HY actor Vipul Goyal weighed in on this, in an earlier interview with TubeScoop, where he explained how giving the audience ‘an overall sense of the [stand-up comedy] field,’ was an integral part of making the show.

“One of the intentions behind making this series was that we wanted to show the intricacies of a stand-up comedian and an overall sense of the field. So, after watching the series, even regular people get to know that, ‘yaar achcha open mike karke kuch culture hota hai’, you know. So, we also wanted that people get a little bit more educated about the stand-up circuit in general.”

You can click here to binge watch the entire series.

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