Here is why you should be watching ‘Better Life Foundation’ right now

better life foundation

“Better Life Foundation” is one of those rare shows that make me regret overusing phrases like, “…nothing you have ever seen before,” because if any Indian web series deserves to be tagged as fresh and unique, it is this latest venture by Them Boxer Shorts, under YouTube India’s #LaughterGames initiative.

“Better Life Foundation,” is a sweet, funny and wonderfully written web series about a group of people who really want to make the world a better place (well, in their own quirky ways)… and a man who is required by the law to spend some quality time there.

Shot in the increasingly popular mockumentary format, the web series follows a typical working day at an NGO called Better Life Foundation – which the kind-hearted Neil Menon (Naveen Richard) built with a lot of love, hope and his uncle’s “investment/inheritance.”

better life foundation

From the varied characters you might come across at a workplace to the staining yellow offices, everything about the show is authentic and honest. While it is reminiscent of shows like “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office,” this web series manages to find its niche in the Indian context.

Neil is a trusting, patient leader to Sumukhi Chawla (Sumukhi Suresh), the Program Head; Jerry (Utsav Chakraborty), the Operations Head; Aditi Goyal (Sindhu Sreenivasa), the intern; Murthy Anirban SenGupta (Kumar Varun), the accountant; and Armaan Garewal (Kanan Gill), a rich brat who is spending his time at Better Life Foundation as part of his court mandated community service.

Not to pick favorites, but my favored character so far is Jerry, who to me is a love child of Andy (Chris Pratt) and Jerry/Terry/Larry/Gary (Jim O’Heir) from “Parks and Rec.”

Each of these characters bring a unique and pivotal flavor to the show, which we get a whiff of, in the premiere episode itself. In fact, the characterization, writing and performances are so gripping that I thought about them and their predicaments long after I finished watching the episode. The Dharavi sanitation conundrum is solved, but what’s in store next? Will I get to see Sumukhi smile ever? Will Aditi get promoted from unpaid volunteer/intern to unpaid manager? Will Armaan become a core member of the Better Life Foundation?

While I impatiently wait for the new episode to be uploaded, you don’t forget to check out episode 1 of “Better Life Foundation” below:


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