Watch Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa episode 2: Where do babies come from?

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal

pappu and papa

The new infotaining web series from Y-Films – Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa is back with its second episode and this time, Pappu’s got a humdinger of a question for Papa!

In this 2nd episode, the Watsa family is at the maternity clinic for Shireen’s check-up which eventually leads to Pappu asking where babies come from. Papa Anand is once again caught off guard!

pappu and papa

Watch the chaos unfold as Pitaji crashes the conversation as a patient, waiter and even a corpse while Anand tries to come up with the right explanation for Pappu.


There’s also a pleasant surprise for fans of Y-Films’ 2015 hit web series – Bang Baaja Baaraat. One of the innocent bystanders who gets sucked into Pappu and Papa’s chat is Pawan (from Bang Baaja, with actor Ali Fazal making a special appearance) who’s there to pick up Shahana’s reports.

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Check out the latest episode of Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa, titled ‘Pregnancy’ below:

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