Watch Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai Season 2 Episode 3 Online: Rosesh Marries Jasmine?

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal


Sarabhai vs Sarabhai season 2 episode 3 is out, and streaming on Hotstar. In this new episode, Rosesh and Jasmin seem to have taken their fondness for each other a notch higher! Now that Monisha’s mannat is fulfilled, Rosesh is all set to marry Jasmine! But Maya Sarabhai has a plan to avert this wedding.

In the sneak peek clip of episode 3, Rosesh is seen reciting his poem in which he addresses Jasmin as his wife while Sahil, Monisha, Maya and Indravadhan listen patiently.

Maya does not approve of this relationship as she is not impressed with Jasmin’s vocabulary, Gujarati accent and the fact that she describes Jasmine from Jamnagar as a perfume name from a middle class Middle Eastern market!

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