Watch Life Sahi Hai episode 1: Jasjit, Amit, Siddharth and Sahil look for a ‘Domestic Sanitation and Nutrition Expert’ aka a ‘bai’

life sahi hai

Every twenty-something Indian knows that the most difficult part about living the bachelor life is getting a maid. Unfortunately for Sahil – of the new comedy web series, “Life Sahi Hai” – the task comes with the additional burden of finding a bai who will not titillate the rest of his roommates!

Four young boys’ hunt for a perfect “Domestic Sanitation and Nutrition Expert” becomes episode 1 of this hilarious new web series. The bachelor pad shared by Jasjit, Amit, Siddharth and Sahil is a mess and only one of them seems to be concerned.

The hunt for a suitable maid ends with the arrival of young, fair maiden in cleavage-revealing kurtis. Sahil – Mr. Righteous – decides he doesn’t want anyone looking at his “didi” with buri nazar. Imagine his frustration when, by the end of the episode, he only gets falsely accused of hitting on her!

tube scoop

This fresh new slice-of-life show is about four engineers, their friendship and their sometimes arduous journey, which translates to comedy gold on screen (the laptop screen, that is).

In the first episode, we get a rough idea about each of these characters. Jasjit is the charming womaniser of the gang, Siddharth seems to be the peacemaker, Sahil is ‘the straight man’ and Amit is the bystander who gets a kick out of everybody’s misery.

Here is the official summary for the first episode

Jasjit, Amit, Siddharth and Sahil’s bachelor pad is encountering a problem- the search for a domestic help, more commonly referred to as a maid or even bai. Several failed attempts at finding someone suitable and the struggle to cope with household chores, leads these guys to the mother of all search engines to look for a solution. After a gruelling experience with an agency, they finally manage to recruit a “Domestic Sanitation and Nutrition Expert”.

Alas, she ends up being the maid of their dreams.

Check out the episode below:

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