Watch Humorously Yours Episode 2 Online: Who Is Ranjit Walia?

humorously yours episode 2

Having a manager can be pretty tricky – Vipul learnt that the hard way in episode 1 when he discovered that his manager was slyly pocketing a large sum of his earnings. In the recently released episode 2, Vipul decides to give the whole ‘having a manager’ thing another shot, but there’s a humorous twist!

The new episode also features a cameo by AIB’s Tanmay Bhat taking a few light-hearted jabs around his weight, and his infamous Snapchat controversy.

Click here to watch Humorously Yours S01E02 – ‘Ranjit Walia Speaking’ – online.

Meanwhile, the much-loved premiere episode of Humorously Yours, which released on TVF Play on December 11, is now out on YouTube. You can check it out below:

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