Vikram Bhatt’s Twisted: A Series That Seems To Be Twisted On So Many Levels

All the titillation aside, Twisted – a web series featuring Instagram celeb Nia Sharma – is just another show right out of CID, which actually got people so bored and exasperated with that Vikram Bhatt thought he might as well appease the audience with a better version of it.

But alas! He barely manages to intrigue us with the plot of the first episode itself, much less keep us engaged with the oh-so-predictable storyline. So even if the series has been termed as a thriller, there is absolutely nothing thrilling about it.

The only wow factor about the whole series is the hot Nia Sharma who looks a tad sensuous and who keeps the element of curiosity a bit intact. The so-called investigation flows in through the very obvious one-liners which are very akin to the ones that have been quoted so many times in CID. Sample this, gazing at the center tables with centerpieces, the Watson-aka-Disha says “There are no cups of tea, coffee or drinks”, like really! As if we really needed a cop’s investigation to figure that one out. And then, “Yeh murder ya toh kisi ne kia hai, ya karwaya hai.

The winner is Aliyah’s (Nia) dialogue, “Main janti hun ki aap sab jaante hain. Aur aap log yeh bhi jaante hain ki main jaanti hun ki aap jaante hain,” which is a straight copy of Phoebe’s dialogue in Friends (“They don’t know that we know they know we know!”), right?

All in all, the only ‘twisted’ factor present in the whole series is the plot itself. Albeit, you may just laugh off at the weak scripting of the dialogues, the episodes keep you tied to them till the end because, well…closure.

Episode 11 of Twisted released online on June 8. You can watch all episodes below.