Meet The Guy Behind All That Awesome Music In Shows Like Permanent Roommates And TVF Pitchers

Vaibhav Bundhoo

Vaibhav Bundhoo

Remember the goosebumps you got while listening to ‘Tere Bina’ at the end of Permanent Roommates Season 2 finale? Or when Vipual Goyal goes up on stage with ‘Anginat Sapnay’ playing in the BG, in Humorously Yours? Well, here’s the guy responsible for those wonderful, sweet moments…

Vaibhav Bundhoo – TVF’s music composer par excellence, is the man who moved you with the music in fan-favorite shows like Pitchers, Permanent Roommates and Humorously Yours, among others.

Born in Rajasthan and raised in Mauritius, Vaibhav started as an intern-cameraman at TVF, before going on to make music for some of the most-watched content in the Indian online streaming space. Here is more about Vaibhav’s journey – the past, present and future – in his own words.

We love your music! In fact, my ringtone is the Humorously Yours theme 🙂 What made you create the kind of music that you did for these popular web series? 

Thank you for appreciating my work! 🙂

As it turns out, most of the tracks that have been used so far were composed long before I joined TVF. From my teenage years, I’ve wanted to make a career out of making songs and putting out albums, so by the time I started working at TVF, I had approximately 200 songs, half-songs and tune demos. Most of what you’ve heard is from that bank. I guess people appreciated the music because it was originally designed as songs with catchy intros, cathartic rises, and impactful drops. That came from studying (although not formally) and trying to understand what makes successful/ memorable music for over two decades now. Watching how music has been used in movies has taught me so much as well.

What were the most challenging things about creating music for:

Permanent Roommates – Creating cinematic music for the first time. Before this I was making what can be called “band music”, i.e, basic 4-chord, 3/4 instruments, singer-songwriter stuff. Also, the inevitable lack of time which applies to all our productions, even to this day. Time is not our friend.

TVF Pitchers –
 The conscious decision we collectively took as a team to take things a big notch higher. The considerably high number of cues in this series.

Humorously Yours –
 Finding the balance musically between innocence, hope, struggle and still being funny. What was also hard was trying to ignore the pressure of the expectations set by Pitchers and Permanent Roommates.

In the West, music plays a very important role in TV series. That was never the case when it came to Indian shows. But, with the backing of your music, TVF shows have changed that drastically. Was that ever your intention or mission – to bring about this change?

I have to say yes but then again, that ideology applies to everything we do at TVF.

“Just like we have been frustrated about the state of our cinema and television and how we didn’t have a lot to match up to things happening on an international level, I have felt the same way about music.”

Yes, it’s undeniable that India is an indigenously rich country when it comes to music but we have been limited in our exploration in the field. In addition to that, there’s our reticence to accept new things that are not already part of some long bandwagon.

I have myself discovered so many great artists from OSTs of shows and films. We would like to establish this culture of featuring many artists on one soundtrack over here as well. I am currently meeting with bands and independent artists to build a library of songs to use in our future web series.

If a web series were to be made based on YOU, what genre would it be – comedy, drama, musical…?

A cross between Garden State and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story comes to mind…

Your favorite Bollywood music director?

Obvious answer: A.R. Rahman.

Any particular reason?

Just listen to Strawberry Aankhen (Sapnay) from 03:15 and you have my answer in a nutshell. Besides that, even though I have never met him, I have learned so much from that man. I even acknowledged this in the lyrics of The Relevant Sound (Pitchers title song):
“I get my groove from A.R., he said:
You gotta be an erudite.
I get my riffs from Frusciante,
He gave me the power of light…”

Your favorite song across all the web series you’ve worked on so far.

I don’t have a favorite song. You can’t choose which one of your children you love most. Or at least, you don’t say it aloud.