TVF Fathers: Where To Watch Episode 1 ‘Baap Ka Start-Up’ Online

tvf fathers

Hot on the heels of the hit web series Humorously Yours, TVF has released their next web series Fathers. Starring a trio of on-screen fathers – Brijendra Kala, Gajraj Rao and Atul Srivastava, the show follows their misadventures as they try to keep up with the times & the younger generation.

The first episode of the series features the Fathers attempt to break the stereotype that Indian fathers are against chasing dreams. Fed up with this negative portrayal, the trio decide to launch their own start up. The hilarious episode features several nods to TVF’s own cult hit series – Pitchers like, “Tu beer hai bhen… beta!”

Chandan Kumar, writer of Fathers says: “TVF has always had a special place for fathers in our character universe. From Tech Conversations with Dad, to Truth and Dare, we have always found the space rich in relatable humour. Last year we released Fathers Watching Game of Thrones which was loved by everyone. With ‘Baap Ka Start Up,’ we decided to dig deeper into how fathers are dealing with the changing times.”

Raghav Subbu, director of Fathers adds, “TVF’s strength has always been creating characters who feel real and relatable, and yet have a great sense of humour. It’s great to be working with experience actors like Brijendra Kala, Gajraj Rao & Atul Srivastava who bring alive the Fathers with their impeccable comic timing.”

You can click here to watch the first episode of TVF Fathers.

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