#Trending: Bollywood Celebs React To Shah Rukh Khan’s Explosive Raees Trailer [Video]

Shah Rukh Khan is back in ‘Don’ mode! Only this time, instead of the suit-clad, globe-trotting gangster, he’s a kohl-eyed bootlegger in Gujrat. But the style, swagger and screen presence is just as explosive.

The 2 minute, 30 second trailer screams blockbuster all the way. SRK looks to be in top form as the “daring Miyanbhai” throwing an open ‘catch me if you can’ challenge to Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s cop character.

Slated to release on January 26, Raees is sure to start 2017 with a bang for Bollywood. Check out how other celebs and Bollywood personalities are reacting to the new trailer.

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