That Gusty Morning: Check Out This Touching New Short Film Starring Seema Biswas

that gusty morning

Large Short Films, the dedicated online platform for quality short films by acclaimed filmmakers, has released yet another engaging and well-made short titled That Gusty Morning.

Starring Seema Biswas, Kopil Bora, Urmila Mahanta and Arun Nath, this touching family drama is a peek into the life of a young girl whose mother is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. It shows how the unfortunate illness of her mother affects the girl’s personal life. Scarred with past experiences, she is hesitant to disclose her mother’s condition to the man she loves.

What happens when the boy comes over to ask her parents for her hand in marriage? Will her fears come true?

Talking about the film, director Jahnu Barua said in a statement, “That Gusty Morning explores the life of a young girl shackled in a sea of responsibilities and a tempest of her emotions. I approached the story with an emotional outlook and the characters have been played really well by the immensely talented actors who are a part of this film.” Watch the film below.

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