Tech It Easy: Our Roundup Of The Best Indian Tech YouTube Channels

indian tech youtube

Away from all the spotlights, glitz, glamour and film promotion podcasts are these amazing bunch of Indian YouTubers committed to simplifying tech for us lesser mortals!

Whether you’re looking to buy a new phone or trying to understand a new gadget – these YouTubers have all the dope on everything tech. Here’s our roundup of the best Indian tech YouTube channels on the web right now!

1. Technical Guruji

Technology ke baare mei jo kuch kahunga sach kahunga” is Technical Guruji Gaurav Chaudhary’s mantra for his very popular YouTube channel. Also, the fact that he makes tech simple (in Hindi) for the common man is a huge reason behind his channel’s success.

Topics Covered: Gadget reviews, technology news, tips and tutorials about devices and covers a wide range of gadgets starting from mobile phones, to smart watches, to televisions, ISPs and even crypto currencies. (via techseen)


2. Geekyranjit

This “resident geek” has been working “with computers for over 25 years now” and his channel enjoys a massive following. Based in Hyderabad, Ranjit Kumar now also hosts another page in Hindi language – Geekyranjit in Hindi.

Topics Covered: Reviews on tech products / gadgets & smartphones and “how to effectively use them in your daily life.”


3. C4ETech

Run and hosted by Chennai based Ashwin Ganesh aka Ash – C4ETech is a tech channel that’s focused on Smartphones and Android. In one of his videos, he also shared his life story and told viewers how he became a YouTuber – an interesting watch.

Topics Covered: Reviews, Comparisons & Tests to App & Game recommendations to Mods and tutorials.


4. iGyaan

A DJ-turned-YouTuber, Bharat Nagpal started this channel in 2010 and by the looks of iGyaan’s new “Dream Office” (which is showcased in the latest video), the team appears to be doing really well!

Topics Covered: Android, iOS, News, Reviews, Unboxing Video, Hands On Videos of the latest Mobile phones. Ratings and Video Reviews of other gear like cameras from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony and Olympus. Gaming reviews of Playstation, 4, Xbox One, Games and Accessories.


5. Gadgets to Use

Founded by a former Software Engineer Abhishek Bhatnagar, Gadgets To Use puts up video reviews of latest and upcoming mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets. According to their site, they do “an extensive review of each device by following a series of benchmark tests designed to evaluate the performance of the device in each area.”

Topics Covered: News and reviews of latest technology and devices in India.


6. Sharmaji Technical

Simple, relatable and conversational – that’s what works for this channel that provides tech dope in Hindi. Praval Sharma started this channel with an aim to reach those viewers who would like to learn and understand technology in Hindi language.

Topics Covered: Unboxing, live Q&As and daily tech news.


7. Beebom

This relatively newer channel provides some really resourceful tips and tricks across devices and platforms. It’s run by a bunch of guys who are passionate and driven about making Beebom boom!

Topics Covered: Tech and gadget reviews, DIY tricks and tips as well as technology resources.