The Best Of Desi Political Satire On YouTube

political satire

The Indian digital space is resplendent with some vibrant comic capers that never miss a chance to take a dig at the political scenario in India. With their witty take on the latest happenings, they remind us how unthinkably ridiculous and unintentionally funny things can get. These are some of the best comic acts for pungent political humor AIB Controversy’s […]

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Watch EIC Stand-up Marathon Online: East India Comedy Is ‘Letting Its Jokes Out Into The Wild’

east india comedy

Here’s a treat for all you stand-up comedy lovers: Indian comedy collective, EIC (East India Comedy) – the good folks behind all those ‘Outrage’ous videos along with many other hilarious sketches and stand-up shows – is all set to release a non-stop EIC Stand-up Marathon starting Monday, September 5 all the way until September 18. So starting tomorrow (Sept. 5), […]

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