10 Best Web Series Characters of 2016

2016 was a great year for Indian web series. Good, bad, great – we were treated to all sorts of shows across a wide range of genres. Be it comedy, drama, mockumentary– stories were told using some really fun, quirky and interesting characters. So, here’s our roundup of the best, most memorable web series characters of 2016. Chitvan in TVF […]

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Watch TVF Tripling Episode 5 Online: The Road Trip Ends

Let’s just hope and pray that the superbly talented folks at TVF (The Viral Fever) never ever succumb to the commercial diktats of Bollywood, and continue making shows as awesome as TVF Tripling. The makers have definitely kicked it up a notch with a brilliant new (and final) episode of their much-loved and lauded web series. More than anything else, […]

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Interview: ‘Chitvan Is Not The Kind Of Guy Who Falls In Love’ – Amol Parashar On TVF Tripling And More

amol parashar

Amol Parashar aka DJ Chitvan as he’s more popularly known now, is definitely one of the breakout actors of this year. Owing to an unexpected, simultaneous release of his short films like Azaad, Mama’s Boys and the rocking new web series on the block – TVF Tripling, the young actor suddenly took the digital entertainment space by storm. Though it […]

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Watch TVF Tripling Episode 3: Chandan, Chanchal, Chitvan Are Lost In The Desert; Do They Go ‘Right, Left Ya Seedha?’


The newly-released fun and heart-warming episode 3 of TVF Tripling does a great job of further building the characters of Chandan, Chanchal and Chitvan. In the latest episode, the siblings finally open up to each other about their troubles and misfortunes. Their road trip hits a minor speed bump when the trio find themselves lost in the desert – much […]

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