The Best Of Desi Political Satire On YouTube

political satire

The Indian digital space is resplendent with some vibrant comic capers that never miss a chance to take a dig at the political scenario in India. With their witty take on the latest happenings, they remind us how unthinkably ridiculous and unintentionally funny things can get. These are some of the best comic acts for pungent political humor AIB Controversy’s […]

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Amazon Prime Video India: Here’s The Exciting Line-Up Of Original Indian Series Set To Release On The Platform

amazon prime video india

Amazon finally launched its much-awaited Prime Video service in India on Wednesday (Dec 14). And while the service offers its users a wide range of Hollywood and other international movies and shows, what’s really exciting is the exceptional line-up of Indian original web series slated to release and stream on the platform. “After the US and Japan, India is a […]

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‘Haan Toh Haan, Naa Toh Bhi Haan’: AIB’s New Video Shows Us How Bollywood Has Enabled Harassment Through The Ages


“Haan toh haan, naa toh bhi haan.” No two ways about it– ‘consent’ has never been a criteria for our Bollywood heroes when it comes to pataoing the leading lady. They will be brash, arrogant, forceful, stalkerish, creepy… and if all that doesn’t work, they will also k..k..kill! But hey, it’s all good, because its true louve. All India Bakchod’s […]

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Check Out India’s ‘Exit Interview’ In AIB’s New Video – The Day India Resigned


On the eve of Independence Day, AIB has released their new video which features “the untold story of India’s exit from Britain.” The comic sketch plays out in the form of an exit interview of sorts between India (played by Better Life Foundation’s Utsav Chakraborty) and ‘Great Britain’ (Nick Pillow). Pakistan (Tanmay Bhat, hilarious as always) also decides to crash the […]

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Better Life Foundation releases on AIB: ‘We’re excited to see how people react to it’ says Naveen Richard

better life foundation

Among the plethora of web series that have released so far this year, Better Life Foundation, is one that really stood out. It is definitely a welcome change from some of those forced comedies in the guise of ‘cool, youth-oriented’ content unleashed upon us. However, in terms of viewership and visibility, maybe Better Life Foundation (made by Bangalore-based Them Boxer […]

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Tanmay Bhat roasted again: Hilarious Twitter reactions to AIB comedian’s Snapchat video controversy

tanmay bhat

Comedy is no funny business. Tanmay Bhat – member of the popular Indian comedy collective All India Bakchod – has landed himself in trouble again after posting a video featuring a mock conversation between Sachin Tendulkar and Lata Mangeshkar. The video, uploaded yesterday (May 29), has Tendulkar and Mangeshkar – both enacted by Bhat using Snapchat’s face-swap feature –  “arguing” […]

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