Shaadi Boys: Where To Watch Episodes 4, 5 and 6 Online

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Arjun Varma

shaadi boys

Here’s a treat for fans and viewers of Shaadi Boys. Voot has just released the next three episodes (4,5 and 6) of the popular web series all together.

So from an intense dulha-dulhan fight to a sexy bachelorette party followed by a “Barjatya style” sangeet, the new episodes feature tons of fun, (melo)drama, chaos and confusion! Check out the official synopses and where to watch links for episodes 4, 5 and 6 below:

Episode 4 – Shaadi Wars: His Way vs Her Highway

Riah likes a big fat Dilli wedding while the London wala dulha, Inderjeet, wants everything his way, which means no shor-sharaba and no Bollywood tadka in the sangeet. Are these two meant to be together or will ego trump love?

Click here to watch episode 4 online.

Episode 5 – The Bachelorette With The Bad Boys!

What does a bride want before the wedding? A night she can never forget! The Shaadi Boys and the bridesmaids have taken Goa by storm, all in a bid to give Riah the perfect bachelorette party.

Click here to watch episode 5 online.

Episode 6 – Suhagraat Before Sangeet!

What happens when the Shaadi Boys wake up from the worst sangeet hangover ever? Lots of chaos and absolute confusion! The antidote? Sangeet reloaded, Barjatya style!

Click here to watch episode 6 online.

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