Ram Gopal Varma’s Web Series ‘Guns And Thighs’ Looks Like ‘Company’ Uncensored

guns and thighs

This 6-minute NSFW trailer of Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming web series Guns And Thighs kicks off with a disclaimer from the filmmaker: “I always wanted to tell the complete true story of the Mumbai Mafia. In its raw and real form. Since for various reasons I couldn’t do that in films, I am going to do it here.”

At this point, it’s difficult to completely lose your shit and get super excited about this dark, edgy and engaging looking series. And that’s of course because of RGV’s long running track record of churning out films that are just…terrible.

Will his fortunes turn with this shift to the digital platform which allows him to freely showcase the “raw and real form” of his favourite subject – the Mumbai underworld. Well, we certainly hope so. If Guns And Thighs turns out to be a better version of his 2002 masterpiece ‘Company’, then its sure to set a major milestone for Indian web series content. Check out the trailer below: