Pahlaj Nihalani Sacked: These Memes, Videos And Jokes Are Funny AF

pahlaj nihalani sacked

News of India’s very own Edward Scissorhands aka Pahlaj Nihalani getting sacked as Censor Board Chief, with Prasoon Joshi taking over, broke out yesterday to an absolutely elated Bollywood!

Ever since he took the job in January 2015, Nihalani has been the root cause of numerous controversies. He has constantly been at loggerheads with filmmakers over the silliest of reasons causing much grievance and anger among most Bollywood folks.

Nihalani vs Anurag Kashyap over the censoring of Udta Punjab was one of the most public spats around the issue. So it comes as no surprise that the decision of him getting sacked is being applauded by the film fraternity– not to mention sparking of a series of hilarious jokes, memes and videos by our talented comedians and Twitterati!

Check out some of them below.