It’s Not That Simple: Where To Watch The First 3 Episodes Of Swara Bhaskar’s New Web Series Online

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Arjun Varma

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it's not that simple

Swara Bhaskar’s sexy new web series ‘It’s Not That Simple’ premiered online today (October 6) with its first three episodes streaming on the digital platform, Voot.

Based on the concept of extra-marital sex, the drama series follows a first person narrative where Meera (Swara), an unhappily married woman, takes the viewers on her journey of self-discovery and her desire to have ‘the perfect affair.’

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“I have mostly played good girl roles. This time I feel my character is like a bitch,” said Swara referring to her extra martial affair in the series. “I wanted to change things for myself as an actor and do something that audience would never expect. I am looking forward to the reaction of the audience. It’s an uncharted territory for me.”

Check out the official synopses and ‘where to watch’ links for the first three episodes of It’s Not That Simple, below.

Episode 1: Committed To Complicated

“Meera’s life is going to change in the next few minutes and along with that, her marital status. What’s got married Meera contemplating an affair? A chauvinist husband, the return of an old flame, or a journey of self-discovery? It’s Not That Simple.”

Click here to watch the first episode online.

Episode 2: Crossing The Line?

“Meera’s married life is an apology of a relationship. She is a silhouette of her past until she meets her two school crushes – the Harley-riding Rajiv (Vivan Bhathena) and Mr. Nice Guy, Sameer (Akshay Oberoi). Does she really need a man to start loving herself again? Watch the start of Meera’s metamorphosis.”

Click here to watch episode 2 online.

Episode 3: Meera Learns To Say No

“From her first Harley ride to the first refusal for non-consensual sex with Jayesh (Karanveer Mehra), Meera is daring to be assertive and speak her mind. When her husband takes off on a business trip, Meera has time on her hands and Sameer and Rajiv on her mind. A little harmless flirting never really hurt anyone, right?”

Click here to watch episode 3 online.


  • I really loved this show..and look forward to the upcoming episodes..can u plz tell when are forthcoming episodes be released

  • Not available in US. How do I c them

  • Can’t watch upcoming episode 4 5 6 it not update when it will update

  • Omg m love with this serial n waiting for more episodes and sawra great performance love you

  • 1st nd 3rd will run on voot but i cannot able yo watch 2nd episode advertise is working and then its not work…. do somthing voot…..

  • Pls rply when are the next episodes are coming

  • very different concept…. loved it.. everyone of us wants to know ..when wil be the next episodes get aired???

  • When are the new episodes getting uploaded?

  • Not available in uae. Pls make it available on YouTube

  • for one minute the episodes 4 5 6 were available and the next moment episode 5 disappears.Cant find it now. I dont wana watch 6th episode before 5th. pls upload.

  • Its awesome….all episodes are too good …..
    acting of swara bhaskar is flabbergasting….??????

    Badly waiting for next episode

  • I can say only one thing about these whole web series. You are trying to send a message that having an extra-marital affair is OK even after being married and having a kid at home. So, you want to spoil the mind of other girls and women by giving a message in the name of women empowerment that, ‘Yes, it is completely alright to have sex with other men even after there is a man in your own house, who can satisfy your physical needs but that is not enough for you. Miss Swara Bhaskar, if you have guts, then please give this same message to your daughter, who is either a child, teenager or adult or a married adult. Now also add some extra cheese onto that saying, Beta, you can also give this message to your kid as well in the name or women empowerment. This story is not a progressive script or story line or giving any contribution for the development of the society, but it only deteriorates an already rotten society like ours. Madam, I have immense respect for you, if you don’t have any good ideas to implement in a web series than please don’t make one or get involved in one. This web series is just making me sick.

  • I thought that you are a highly talented actor but by making such series, what you were doing is spreading such morally bad thoughts to children and teenagers. You might say that it is a matured series and if you can try and see in my point of you, such a script or story line is completely not matured. Even nine or ten year old kids including girls also know how to watch internet, just try to think, how ten year old kid, especially a girl is going to take such a program on her smartphone or computer. Don’t give me the bullshit that ten year old kids just watch cartoons, besides that they watch lots of other things on computers. You don’t know about the smart kids these days. But still, they cannot handle such story lines, it may rewire their thought process or give them bad ideas that they are not old enough to keep or hold back just to themselves. Even teenagers are not so mature. Please when making series like that, please try to make something that is good for society and not bad for it. Besides that in my point of you, live in relationships are much better than marriages because walking away in such relationships is better than walking away from marriages. In live in relationships, you can freely cheat on whomever you want to while Marriage is a life-long commitment that not only unites two souls but also two families. What will the husband or family of the husband will think because a wife is involved in cheating & EMAs(Extra Marital Affairs). The same thing goes for the husband also. So please, you tell me, if I am right or wrong.

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