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Karthik Keramalu

Karthik Keramalu

Reporter, TubeScoop India
Karthik Keramalu

Karan Johar’s show, Koffee with Karan, is usually brimming with stars and controversies. However, every now and then, he pulls in a set of guests who move beyond the space of filmy gossip and indulge in a serious talk regarding the changing ethos of Indian cinema.

For the seventeenth episode, Karan roped in some interesting Bollywood filmmakers like Imtiaz Ali, Kabir Khan, and Zoya Akhtar. Though, Karan is seen everywhere now, his ladder to fame remains directing blockbusters starring Shah Rukh Khan in the lead. So, when he was surrounded by these three acclaimed filmmakers, the conversation started to revolve around how Hindi cinema has been making space for both mainstream and parallel cinema.

Zoya recounted some hilarious exchanges she has had over the years while pitching her stories to actors. And Kabir had a wonderful tale to share on the show which involved a producer (apparently, the producer listened to scripts only on Saturdays and he’d reserved weekdays to listen to nothing but the money-making aspect of films he was going to produce).

The episode also focused on a number of segments such as how some critics don’t understand the basic structure of a film as they put it down just because the story is about rich people. As you can clearly see, this episode is free of all the hallmarks that have come to be known as the show’s highlights.

It is by far the calmest episode of the season. Watch it online here.

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