The Gift: Mandira Bedi Promises That You Will Not See The Twist Coming In Her New Short Film

mandira bedi

The thriller genre for a short film is always dicey because generally such films require a decent amount of build up. But in today’s day and age, who’s got the patience, right? By the time your Uber trip ends, you should get to know who the damn killer is! Well, here’s another thriller short – The Gift – featuring Mandira Bedi, Gul Panag and Kushal Punjabi.

Mandira promises that this is a film that will keep you on the edge of your seats. She claims that even those who love to guess the ending of a film half-way through, would be left bewildered at the pace with which The Gift moves. The actress is pretty confident that no one will see the big twist coming.

Although her character is being touted as the “edgy girlfriend” of Kushal’s character, an official photo of the film shows her locking lips with another woman.

Check out the official synopsis of the film:

Ayush and Aariana are seeing each other for a year now. Rashmi, Ayush’s wife is unaware of this and now Ayush & Aariana have a deadly plan in mind that will take care of Rashmi forever. Things are going according to plan before Ayush’s mind changes. But he decides to go ahead with the plan regardless. Watch this short film to know what is tha gift that changes the course of the story and Ayush’s plan. Or is there a bigger plan in action?

You can click here to watch The Gift online.