Mama’s Boys: You Don’t Wanna Miss This Hilarious And Naughty Take On The Mahabharat

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

Arjun is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who, before stepping into the glamorous world of entertainment reporting, assisted acclaimed filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan.
Just kidding...
Arjun Varma


You got to admit it – if you were to hear that particular story from the Mahabharat where Arjun brings Draupadi home and the Pandavas’ mother, Kunti, ignorantly tells him, “beta jo bhi laye ho, aapas mei baat lo” – wouldn’t you raise an eyebrow and go, “Erm, ok…that sounds like something out of a Brazzers video!”

Well, Delhi Belly writer Akshat Verma brings a naughty take on the tale by putting the Pandavas, Kunti and Draupadi in the 21st century.

It’s hilarious the way the whole scenario plays out; Bheem trying to grasp the concept of sharing a wife– “threesome? two-timing? Orgy??” he wonders. Nakul and Sahdev trying to roll with the idea despite being gay– “she cured us, man,” they quip after telling Arjun how “hot” she looks in her Instagram pics. And the great gambler, Yudhishtir getting enticed at the visual of Draupadi emerging out of the swimming pool!

aditi rao hydari

Mama’s Boys is super fun and will only leave you wishing it were a full-fledged movie. Check out what the on-screen Draupadi – Aditi Rao Hydari – has to say about the film and her character:

“We all have read Mahabharata. When I read the script, it was like a spicy spin on the story and portrayed Draupadi in a very funky way. Normally we see Draupadi as a strong courageous woman. Here she is funny and playing a character like this, was really amusing,” Aditi said at the screening of the film. (via The Indian Express)

“The film is a gen-next Mahabharata. One can see a story from a different angle. Moreover, if you go deeper into it what he (Akshat) wants to say comes out to be absolutely right. So I feel giving it a lighter version is really entertaining,” the actress added.

Apart from Hydari the short film stars Amol Parashar (as Arjun), Arunoday Singh (as Bheem), Vivaan Shat and Jim Sarbh (as Nakul and Sahdev), Neena Gupta (as Kunti) and Akshay Oberoi (As Yudhishtir). Check it out below.

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