Love School 2: Watch The Special ‘Love Assignment’ And ‘Pot Shot Challenge’ In Episodes 7 And 8 Online

love school 2

New episodes of Love School Season 2 released online over the weekend. Here are the official descriptions, followed by ‘where to watch online’ links, for episodes 7 and 8:

Episode 7: Love Lessons On Attraction

“How to maintain the spark in your relationship? Anusha and Karan’s first love lesson about attraction and physical intimacy in a relationship, will surely make some couples question the very foundation on which their relationship is based on. Watch out for the special ‘Love assignment’.”

Click here to watch episode 7 online.

Episode 8: A ‘Pot Shot’ On Love Chemistry

“The couples fight it off in a ‘Pot Shot Challenge’ to keep them at bay from the elimination. On the judgement night, insecurities ripple out when Anusha and Karan try to clear out unsorted questions about the contestants crushing on someone else from Love School.”

Click here to watch episode 8 online.

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