#LikeDislike: Here’s What Works – And What Doesn’t – About TVF’s Bisht, Please! Episode 1

So, I just watched TVF’s new web series – Bisht, Please! True to form, TVF has come up with yet another show that is engaging, relatable and humorous.

The show revolves around Neetu Bisht, a small-town girl – her life, aspirations and her people. Neetu Bisht is sweet and has a very endearing quality. She’s Jessica Day from New Girl meets Tina Fey from 30 Rock! Looks like this show is going to be her journey from ‘So ordinary to extraordinary’.

What Did We Love About The Show?

The way Bisht keeps imagining and rehearsing for how certain situations will pan out in her head – and how wrong she is! (Haven’t we all done that)

bisht please episode 1

Her Best friend. Amol Parashar is always a delight to watch 🙂

Her Boyfriend – prankster boy from ‘Odia’ – Donny steals the show! Looking forward to seeing a lot more of him hopefully.

What Did We Not Like About The Show?

The animated opening sequence isn’t quite catchy enough.

It’s missing the trademark TVF tunes. Was looking forward to some great tracks like ‘Tere Bina’ from Permanent Roommates or ‘Anginat Sapney’ from Humorously Yours. But to be fair, it’s just episode 1 so…!

Overall a very promising show. Looking forward to the next episode titled ‘Bisht ko Chahiye Raise’

You can click here to watch episode 1 ‘Bisht Ko Mili Nemesister’