#LikeDislike: Here’s What Works And What Doesn’t About Girl In The City Season 2

girl in the city season 2

Stuck in the Bangalore traffic jam, I decided to catch up on the second season of Girl In The City. In a nutshell, it’s – Wake up Sid meets Devil Wears Prada!

The story so far, simply put is:

What Works…

Makers as well as the actors use Mumbai really well as a character in the series. It really brings out the ‘city’ in Girl In The City.

Mithila Palkar (Meera) is very stylish and an absolute pleasure to watch.

The writing is fresh, natural and relatable.

Not So Much…

All supporting actors, especially the actor who plays Nikhil (The guy Meera’s parents want her to get married to) can make you literally cringe!

It’s too dreamy for a web series. I mean what design company in Mumbai will give you a Karan Johar movie-worthy 2 BHK flat and a car and promise to make all your dreams come true? Maybe put in some unicorns and rainbows there as well 😛