Ladies Room: Here’s why women need company in the loo; director Ashima Chibber gets candid about her new web series

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Arjun Varma

ladies room

Y-Films’ new web series “Ladies Room” has been generating tremendous buzz ever since the show’s first look was unveiled in April. The tagline – “The series boldly takes you where no man has gone before,” pretty much reflected the uniqueness of the concept. A guy would never dare to walk inside a women’s loo…unless he’s drunk and has no idea where he’s going.

So, what is it about the women’s bathroom which makes it such a fascinating place? During an exclusive interview with TubeScoop, the director of “Ladies Room,” Ashima Chibber finally answered this question, along with revealing why women need company when they visit the loo and what exactly goes on behind those closed doors.

“Women spend lot of time in the bathroom – from childhood,” said the director. “When we were younger, my brother would come out of the bathroom in his towel and walk around all day. That’s it, that was his trip to the bathroom – first 5 minutes of the day. Whereas I would keep going to the bathroom up and down you know. You just sort of live your life in the bathroom.”

“Every time you need to go to the loo, you cannot go behind the jhaadi, right? (Laughs) You have to go to the bathroom, you go there for bath, towel drying, wearing underwear, wearing full clothes and if you’re smoking! Because if people see, then their blood might dry up because you know a girl smoking is like…‘Never!’”

“Then, if you have your periods, you spend like 20 minutes in the bathroom just trying to fix yourself up. Pregnancy tests are done in the bathroom, so there are so many things. Women spend so much time in the loo, because they HAVE to…it’s not because they’re doing hair and makeup – that’s a myth (laughs).”


Chibber then explained why women generally like company when they go to the bathroom: “You go there because maybe your friend is doing something very important, or you are doing something very important and your friend is hanging around with you. But if you’re going to spend 20 minutes in the loo, you need company right? You want to talk to your friends; you don’t wanna to be hanging around alone inside 4 walls.”

We wonder whether coffee shops would make a better option for girls to hang out and talk, but the director is quick to point out, “coffee shops are for men! (Laughs) They can sit for hours on their asses. But for women, it’s a bit different; because, ek toh women pee more than men, they have to go to the loo more often. Then, if you’re wearing a dress or wearing heels, you don’t wanna sit for too long (laughs).

You can click here to read the full interview and watch the first two episodes of “Ladies Room.”

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