Kriti vs Bob: Don of Justice – YouTube takes down both short films after copyright claims


Just a day after Shirish Kunder’s short film, Kriti, was taken down by YouTube following copyright infringement claims by Nepalese filmmaker Aneel Neupane, the latter has suffered the same fate as YouTube has now pulled down his film, Bob, as well.

In this latest development, a similar copyright claim — by one Abhayanand Singh of the Singapore-based Indie Muviz Pte Ltd (also the producers of Kriti), has been applied to Bob, resulting in its removal.

Neupane accused Kunder of stealing the concept of his short film, Bob, soon after the release of Kunder’s Manoj Bajpayee and Radhika Apte starrer, Kriti.

On June 24, Neupane posted on his Facebook page, “I’m angry not because Mr. Shirish Kunder practically stole the plot and made it into his film. I’m angry because We didn’t even have lunch money while shooting BOB, and a spot boy for Kriti probably made more money than BOB’s entire budget. My team and I didn’t work our asses off just so some rich dude from India could turn it into this and get away with it. That’s just not fair.”

Following these allegations YouTube removed the short film from the platform. However, Kunder and his wife, Farah Khan, maintain that Kriti is in fact an original concept.

“He [Kunder] was working on the idea when I was shooting for Happy New Year (2014). Writing is a long process. He has so many scripts with him. He would keep bouncing off his ideas with Vishal Dadlani [music composer] and me. So, he has been working on the script for the last three years,” Khan told Mid Day.

Meanwhile, Kunder has decided let to let his film speak for itself.

Despite Kunder’s idealistic stance, evidences are being stacked up against him. It was recently revealed that even the poster for Kriti has been ‘inspired’ by the poster of a Japanese film.

Kunder has decided to seek legal recourse for the matter. Meanwhile, both Kriti and Bob have been uploaded, by their respective makers, on other platforms like Vimeo, Dailymotion and Facebook. Kriti is also streaming online, for free, on

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