Kenny Sebastian discusses his next web series after Star Boyz: ‘I’ll release a scene from that show, like how Deadpool did’

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal
star boyz

Kenny Sebastian (C) in Star Boyz

India stand-up comedian and YouTuber Kenny Sebastian is having a blast playing a space goof in his ongoing web series “Star Boyz.” The fun, silly sci-fi comedy show – a part of YouTube India’s Laughter Games initiative – released its fifth episode “Power Cut” today (June 2).

While “Star Boyz” is nearing its end, Sebastian is already gearing up to launch his next web series – a more large-scale sci-fi show which, according to the comedian/actor, has the potential to “become a feature film.”

During a chat with TubeScoop, Sebastian shared some details about his next web series and it definitely sounds like something really exciting.

“It’s more science fiction than a sci-fi comedy,” he said when asked if it will be similar to his current web series. “It’s kind of like a story about a young boy, who goes to college and discovers that there’s something different with that entire college.”

“The story arc is such that it could also become a feature film. The whole point of that show is – visual effects done right in India. The secret is not better visual effects, it’s how you imply it and how you weave it in the story. My example is Jessica Jones and Daredevil — the way they shoot it is what sells the effect, it’s not the effect itself.

When asked about the production status of that web series, Sebastian said, “So, after Star Boyz, I will be releasing a scene that we’ve filmed. Like how Deadpool did. And if that video does well, then hopefully we’ll get sponsors on board to make the whole thing.”

Update: You can watch the last episode (and the earlier ones) of “Star Boyz” below:

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