Interview: Permanent Roommates actor Sumeet Vyas talks about Season 2 finale, wants to go abroad for Season 3

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Sumeet Vyas – the lead star of TVF’s Permanent Roommates – has managed to impress, engage and entertain viewers, as Mikesh on the popular web series, for a long time now. The show recently aired its Season 2 finale to a hugely encouraging and positive response from fans who can’t stop raving about the lead couple’s performance and on-screen chemistry.

The episode itself is being hailed as one of the best in the series and has only added to the growing fan-following of the show.

During an exclusive interview with Tubescoop, Sumeet Vyas reveals some interesting details about the Permanent Roommates Season 2 finale along with sharing some updates on Season 3. The actor also talks about the upcoming Season 2 of Bang Baaja Baaraat (he is the co-writer of the series).

Check out the full interview below.

So, Mikesh and Tanya finally got married…

Yes, they tried to get married in every possible way– involving parents and by all kinds of different ways, but it didn’t happen. This is a stronger marriage I would say, it’s a more emotional, deeper commitment that they have. So, in that sense they are married, yeah.

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The entire episode features just Mikesh and Tanya. How was the experience of shooting it?

I think Bisso [writer Biswapati Sarkar] kind of had that in mind– that he wanted to keep the last episode just about the couple. That was the initial plan, and the experience of shooting it was great because, you know it was just us – the core unit – me, Nidhi [Singh], Sameer [director Sameer Saxena], Nidhi Bisht and the other people who started it in the first season. Over the years, we’ve all come close so there’s a definite deeper understanding between all of us in the sense nobody has to tell anyone what to do, you know.

So, that way it was a lot of fun to shoot because it didn’t feel like work. It felt like friends meeting and telling a story.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why this episode comes across as more natural and emotional…

Yes, because we’ve been shooting this for 6 months now. We started shooting the second season, as in the promos, readings and everything started in December 2015. And we ended up shooting till June. And this time, the season was bigger– bigger budgets and bigger scale…also the reactions were bigger! So, it was kind of nice that it was just us [for the final episode].

How did you all come up with the ending? Was there ever an alternate ending planned?

Well, we were sure that we wanted to keep the last episode about the couple and everybody was throwing ideas as to how it can be, you know…special. And I think one of the core team members came up with the idea about this tradition in Iceland where two people just look into each other’s eyes and it’s considered marriage. All of us thought that this is such a good crack and a great way to end the season. We believed it’ll end on a beautiful note if we manage to do that. So, the moment we cracked that, everything worked backwards.

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Any plans to release blooper videos/ deleted scenes?

I think they [TVF] are working on it. They do plan to release that– bonus scenes and ‘making of’ videos. They’ll probably release an album also, which Vaibhav [Bundhoo] has created.

Because I thoroughly enjoy ‘making of’ videos, I told them, ‘aur kisi ko dikhao na dikhao, mujhe dikhana (laughs). So yes, I’m sure that’s coming up.

What can you tell us about Season 3?

“Honestly, I don’t think anyone has any idea about what we are going to do in the next season, but I’ve told them [TVF] that we MUST go abroad– to Greece or someplace and shoot (laughs), because that’ll be next level. So, let’s see.”

But it’s happening for sure?

Oh yes! 100 percent happening. When I saw the second episode, I called Bisso and I said, ‘I feel like there’s more to this story and I think we have potential to have a longer run with this, so let’s not drive the story in a direction where we get stuck. It’ll be nice if we can prolong it for a few more seasons, we can grow old with this thing.’”

When can we expect to see Season 3?

It will definitely be after TVF Pitchers Season 2. So, it may happen around mid-2017.

Can you share an update on the second season for Bang Baaja Baaraat?

Basically both me and Anand [director and co-writer Anand Tiwari] got busy. Anand has opened a production company, I got busy with Permanent Roommates and I was writing some other stuff as well.

Initially there was a plan to write it in Feb this year, but then we only had a 15-day window where we had to write and finish it. We both felt that it’ll be pushing it a little bit and that we won’t be able to do justice to the script. So, I’m meeting him soon and we’re going to discuss the way forward, because we need to pick out at least a 20-25 days where we can go out of town, just sit and write the whole thing and come back. Hopefully, by end of this year we’ll have the script and everything ready, if not the whole series.

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Any other web series you’re currently working on?

There is one more web series I’ve co-written for TVF. I’m also acting in it. It’s a fiction, drama series. I don’t think I’m allowed to divulge more about it. it’s something that we are making right now. Hopefully you’ll hear an announcement in a month or two.

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