Interview: Girl In The City Mithila Palkar talks about the show’s final episode, season 2 plans and her favourite Indian web series

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The ‘girl’ from Girl In The City is about to wrap up her bittersweet journey in the big city as the popular web series from Bindass comes to an end. Meera’s journey in Mumbai so far has been fun, romantic, intense, heart-breaking and chaotic! What’s in store for her in the finale episode?

Mithila Palkar (who plays Meera) speaks to TubeScoop ahead of Girl In The City’s finale episode release next week, and weighs in on the end of her character’s journey on the show. She also talks about the romantic interests in Meera’s life, along with teasing a possible season 2 for the series.

Check out the excerpts from our chat with Mithila, below:

Describe the final episode in one word?

One word?? (laughs) Wow, can’t think of a word. It basically ends on a very… unsure note, it’s in a very in-between state.

Ok, why don’t you elaborate…

Well see, there is a lot going on already. It’s now at a crescendo right, she’s been fired from her office, she’s had the biggest fight with her best friend…

Everything is going to stabilise in the last two episodes but how it happens is something for you to see.

You’ve been interacting with fans and viewers online as your character Meera, on Facebook. How’s that like? 

It was actually really amazing. It caught on pretty quickly. I didn’t expect it [the series] to spread like wildfire. And because of that, Meera caught on.

Lot of people started recognising me as the girl from Girl In The City. Recently I was at one of the metro stations and a bunch of girls seemed to have recognised me… and they were probably confused ki yeh hai ya nehi. So just to take a shot at confirming it, one girl yelled out, “Meera!” So, I just turned and said ‘hi’ and everything. But now I instinctively respond to both names (laughs).

Let’s talk about Meera’s two love interests on the show – Sumer and Karthik. Who would you want her to end up with – Mr good looks or Mr good cook?

Who would I want? Like as Meera or Mithila? (laughs)


Logically, I think both Meera and Mithila would want it to be Karthik. It’s pretty much evident that she’s realized that Sumer is all about…well, it’s just lust. There is no emotional connection there. She’s figured that out pretty much.


Initially Karthik was totally friend-zoned by Meera but that gradually changed. Do you believe in the phrase, ‘Nice Guys Finish Last?’

(Laughs) So do nice girls!

But yes, lot of nice guys actually do get friend-zoned. I do believe that. I think they’re just so nice as people that you’re just like, ‘Oh, he’s just a good friend type…’ you know? Like, ‘I can vent my sorrows to you,’ ‘come be my agony aunt!’ (laughs) So, I guess it is true. Either it’s finish last or they’re all taken.

meerasehgalAny plans for season 2?

Well, I do feel positively about it but I can’t commit to it. In the sense, we’re not sure about it but we are having conversations.

Where do you see the character going after this?

Off the top of my head, I do see her going a step ahead of where she is…maybe she gets another job, maybe at the helm of a certain project—basically, a step above where she is right now in terms of her career. But she would definitely be slightly more confident compared to how she was in this season.

Your views on the exploding web series/ digital entertainment scene in India…

I think it’s fantastic. I have always been advocating the internet. And it’s not because my recognition comes from the internet is why I advocate it. I think it’s a very, very convenient and easy medium of exposure.

As an artist, if you’re starting out, you put something up on the web– globally people are watching it. So your reach is not just limited to a certain audience. it’s all out there. When I did my ‘cup song,’ I did not expect it to go that viral. People from Abu Dhabi and from where all I don’t know have written to me, saying that, ‘We watched it…’ and they don’t get the language but they watched it. That’s the power of the internet. Television won’t do that for you.

Your favourite Indian web series?

[TVF] Pitchers! I can’t wait for it to come back.

Check out the latest episode of Girl In The City below. You can also click here to binge watch all the earlier episodes.

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