Interview: ‘Our focus is to make a good video, not a viral video’ says The Viral Fever’s Nidhi Bisht

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Arjun Varma

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One would think, being a former lawyer and all, Nidhi Bisht – one of The Viral Fever’s creative heads – would manage to get in the final word in creative meetings for the hugely entertaining and popular TVF shows and videos.

“Oh, you wish!!” says Bisht, a core member of the TVF family who dabbles in pretty much everything within the company – writing, acting, casting, directing, eating (when she feels unproductive), replying to mails, and other “creative jams.”

“Every creator gets a vote. I wish there was a formula [to make a video go viral]. Each time we jam, our focus is to make a good video.”

Bisht is also known to have a great eye for talent. Mikesh and Tanya from Permanent Roommates – who have now essentially become online India’s sweethearts – were her find, among several other TVF faces we know and love today.

Check out the TVF wonder woman’s exclusive interview with TubeScoop below:

What do you look for in actors, when you’re casting for TVF shows?

Apart from the watchability aspect, I like to see how actors interpret the brief given. This helps me understand their style or zone. Also, how smoothly he/she can respond to the directions and if they’re skilled enough to do an extreme opposite of what they thought is needed for a particular character.

Tell us a little bit about the casting/ audition process for Mikesh and Tanya of Permanent Roommates.

TVFPRI have known both Sumeet Vyas & Nidhi Singh from my theatre days. While casting for Permanent Roommates, I had vaguely thought of reading Mikesh’s part with Sumeet. When he came down for the reading, I started briefing him about Mikesh and the expressions on his face changed from normal to the iconic “COOOOL” one and we knew we had found him, Mikesh!

I have seen Nidhi Singh grow as an actor, she has worked under my theatre production for almost all the plays that we did. She is hard working and sincere to her craft. When we read the scene with her, we liked her for being so effortless yet real as Tanya.

Do you feel that talent (writers, actors, etc) from small town India have a more relatable quality with respect to the kind of content TVF is producing?

Not small town, I would say the relatability lies in the middle class upbringing. And the fact that we are all raised in 90s may have some contribution as well.

Being a lawyer, do you manage to win all arguments/ get the last say in creative discussions/ meetings?

Oh, you wish!! The arguments / discussions happen in a civil manner and every opinion matters. Or as Arunabh [TVF Founder, Arunabh Kumar] says, it’s a creative democracy and every creator has just one vote.

What, according to you, makes a video go viral?

I wish there was a formula. Each time we jam, our focus is to make a good video, and not a viral video.

What’s a typical day at work like?

Since my work requires multi-tasking, I try and keep my most productive hours for writing or creative jams. When I feel sloppy or unproductive, I eat, watch something, reply to mails/messages (in no particular order). Also some time in the evening is kept aside for pure TP! [Time Pass]

One thing you love about your job and one thing you hate.

The fact that we’re recording present times for our generations to come really excites me. I hate it when you reject someone, on professional grounds and he/she takes it personally.

What’s the current status on season 2 of TVF Pitchers?

Work in progress, expect a Season 2 early 2017!

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