5 Underrated Indian Web Series You Must Watch

indian web series

It’s an understatement to say that web series is a new concept that is catching on real quick. Everyone – from big stars to bored engineers are looking at making web series now. And while shows like Permanent Roommates, Pitchers and Bang Baaja Baarat have brilliant content, there have been some other really outstanding web series that went somewhat unnoticed.

So. here’s our roundup of the most underrated web series that you should definitely check out – in case you haven’t already!

Better Life Foundation

A show that will surely keep you hooked, and in splits, right till the end. The story of BLF revolves around a fictional NGO based in Mumbai (by the same name). It’s about embracing randomness and finding humor in the humdrum of daily routine. The series is a mockumentary that was brought forth by the group Them Boxer Shorts. A while after its release, AIB (All India Bakchod) uploaded it on their YouTube channel giving it a much larger audience.

The ‘Other’ Love Story

A story set in a time when same sex love was still restricted to the confines of one’s heart and mind. With a novel concept, wonderful and understated performances and engaging narrative, the series was a breath of fresh air.

Married Woman Diaries

Packaged as a slice-of-life, this web series depicts a hilarious take on small yet chaotic issues or differences that a married urban couple faces every day. You need to watch it for its unconventional, tongue-in-cheek portrayal of the forever-changing dynamics in a relationship.

Chinese Bhasad

As if there isn’t enough drama involved in a big fat Indian wedding, you go ahead and introduce a “cheeni ladki” as your bride-to-be…expect all hell to break loose. Chinese Bhasad is a wonderful clash of cultures comedy featuring a host of fun, quirky characters. A must-watch for everyone.

Man’s World

If you have ever felt like stepping into a woman’s shoe to see where it exactly pinches, this is the series that you should be watching. Man’s World is a satirical take on – ‘what if women treated men, the way men treat women’. The series is a progressive take portraying the tryst of a man in a female-dominated world. Kudos to all the novelty integrated into the series.