Indian Web Series ‘The Other Love Story’ Earns 6 Nominations At New York City Web Fest 2016

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

Arjun is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who, before stepping into the glamorous world of entertainment reporting, assisted acclaimed filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, James Cameron and Christopher Nolan.
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Arjun Varma

the other love story

Same-sex relationship is generally a concept that most conventional and mainstream Indian filmmakers tend to avoid. But if done right, any subject or storyline – no matter how sensitive – can be made into an engaging and entertaining form of content. That’s exactly what The ‘Other’ Love Story proves.

The unassuming and understated web series, which released on YouTube in August this year, has managed to earn a whopping six nominations at the upcoming NYC Web Fest 2016. The show’s director, Roopa Rao, is undoubtedly thrilled by this well-deserved recognition.

“When I made this series, I had no expectations about what I wanted from it or where it would go. I just wanted it to release and share the story, and hoped that people were engaged and entertained with each episode. I am thrilled that we have been noticed by a platform like this and that we are competing on a global level for some of the top awards at the festival,” she told Times Of India.

Talking about how and why she chose the web series format to tell this story, Roopa said, “This was a great platform for storytellers like us who want to tell something as it is and with freedom of expression. It took me some time to research the medium, and given that it doesn’t require big budgets and there is no distributor in between who you have to satisfy, I found the medium encouraging.”

She added, “Also, when I approached producers, they were apprehensive due to the subject.”

Starring Shweta Gupta and Spoorthi Gumaste in lead roles, the web series is currently streaming on YouTube. You can click here to watch episodes 1-10 of The ‘Other’ Love Story.

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