Humorously Yours: Actor-Comedian Vipul Goyal Tells Us How Real His New Web Series With TVF Is

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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humorously yours

TVF’s brand new web series – Humorously Yours – premiered online on Sunday, (Dec 11) to a hugely encouraging response from fans and viewers. And judging by Twitter reactions, the show’s lead actor and popular stand-up comedian – Vipul Goyal – has definitely managed to strike a chord with the audience.

Playing a fictional version of himself, Vipul, brings a great deal of relatability and charm to his character who’s a young, stand-up comedian trying to gain a foothold in the business.

In this exclusive interview with TubeScoop, the Humorously Yours actor talks about how ‘real’ the show is and why the story of a stand-up comic in India, is worth telling. Check it out.

Tell us about Humorously Yours. Does it really show all the real drama behind the comedy?

We have tried to capture 90 percent of the real action plus thoda bhaut toh dramatized hai for the entertainment effect. But one thing when we were writing the show is that– we were trying to make it in a way that after seeing it, all the stand-up comedians feel ki, tvfhyyaar ye bhaut sahi hai, it’s very honest.’ A very honest portrayal of a comic’s life- professional and personal– we tried to capture that.

In episode 1 and 2–all the profession related stories are real. That has all happened to me. 90 percent of the professional incidents on the show are very real. Jo personal angles hain, woh thode se fabricate bhi kiye hain, thoda sa dramatize bhi kiya hai. Lekin jo professional part hai— the stand-up thing, those are all very real.

How different could the story of a young, stand-up comedian be than say…a struggling actor?

See Humorously Yours can actually be the story of…I would say, any live performer. Be it a singer, dancer anybody. But we went with stand-up comedy because, ek toh mei comedian hoon so I know that field better, I know the story.

humorously-yoursSecondly, abhi aap socho toh stand-up comedy is a very ‘in thing’ these days, lot of curiosity around that field, and people only get to see the front part, the final act– of any artist for that matter. If it’s a singer, a comedian, a dancer – you just see the final stage event. But there’s so much that happens behind the stage.

So, that’s why we captioned it as, ‘The Drama Behind The Comedy.’ We didn’t want people to mistake it for a sitcom– ‘ki bhai comedian hai toh sab funny-funny hai’. It’s a humorous show with moments of drama.

The response to the trailer and episode 1 so far has been great! You think this show will boost the interest towards stand-up comedy in general?

Yes, one of the intentions behind making this show was that we wanted to show the intricacies of a stand-up comedian and an overall sense of the field. So, after watching the series, even regular people get to know that, ‘yaar achcha open mike karke kuch culture hota hai’, you know. So, we also wanted that people get a little bit more educated about the stand-up circuit in general.

Episode 2 in one word.

[Laughs] ‘Feel good’. Also for me the thing that really stands out in episode 1 and 2 is the music. The music is on another level. It elevates the whole series so much. The “soul” that people are talking about– that has been majorly contributed by the music.

Humorously Yours season 1, episode 1 ‘M For Manager’ is currently streaming on TVF Play. You can click here to watch it.

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