Humorously Yours: Where To Watch Episode 5 (Season Finale) Online

humorously yours music

The season finale episode of TVF’s Humorously Yours released online earlier today, bringing an end to the wacky and wonderful on-screen journey of stand-up comedian Vipul Goyal.

In the latest and final episode; Vipul finally has a big show lined up, but he’s struggling to come up with material for it. Meanwhile, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with Bawejaji, the society chairman. Will Bawejaji help Vipul level up?

Click here to watch Humorously Yours S01E05 titled ‘Level Up’ online.

The three lead cast members of the series – Vipul, Abhishek (Bhushi) and Rasika (Kavya) – came together recently for a live interaction with fans where they discussed several fun moments from the show. Check out the video below:

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