Humorously Yours Episode 4 Recap: Kenny Sebastian Joins The Party; Vipul Goes Viral

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Arjun Varma
humorously yours episode 4

Vipul, Bhushi and Kenny in Humorously Yours episode 4

The much-awaited fourth episode of TVF’s Humorously Yours is out and it is a laugh riot! Popular stand-up comedian Kenny Sebastian joins in this week’s trippy and hilarious Hangover-style (mis)adventure with Vipul and Bhushi.

Vipul and Bhushi wake up completely wasted and with absolutely no memory of what went down the previous day. Vipul’s phone is also missing. Things get crazy when they discover a third person’s unconscious body in the room. Vipul is petrified while Bhushi gets excited thinking that they’re in the Hangover movie kind of situation. However, to his disappointment, that third guy (Kenny) wakes up, thanks them for a “crazy, fun night” and leaves.

What really happened? Vipul is in for a big surprise when he finally finds his phone towards the end of the episode.

Click here to watch Humorously Yours Episode 4 ‘Dude, Where’s My Phone?’ online.

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