Girl In The City Mithila Palkar’s TEDx Talk Is Refreshing And Reassuring

mithila palkar

YouTuber and star of the hit web series ‘Girl In The City’ Mithila Palkar treats her audience to some surprisingly honest and unbelievably comforting content in her TEDxNITSilchar talk.

This is a touchingly personal narrative replete with anecdotes spanning from her childhood to the present-day adult living. Her talk, titled ‘It’s Okay To Not Have A Plan’ has an easy flow to it and makes for a great viewing. It’s a gripping account of everything that she has learnt from her varied experiences in life and what landed her in showbiz.

Zesty and brimming with the spirit of life, Palkar’s compendium comes as a much-needed boost to anyone who is too afraid to pursue what they desire only because the future is uncertain. Her story is proof enough that choosing something only because it seems convenient is actually cheating oneself of the brilliant surprises that life has to offer.

Palkar emboldens everyone listening with her sheer conviction, so much so that you would be driven to take that leap of faith you’d been dreading all this while and meet every challenge head on. This powerful piece is a must-watch.