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Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

A reporter for TubeScoop on most days, Salina is otherwise a part-time writer, designer, 'web series watcher' and full-time 'fun haver!'
Salina Uppal


Over 30 comedy sketches on TVF and Screen Patti. Memorable appearances in TVF Pitchers and Tripling. A film with Dharma Productions. A new series on TVF…and he’s still on the right side of 20!

Meet Jasmeet Singh Bhatia, more popularly known as ‘Jizzy’ from The Jizzy-Veerji Show. If you’re a YouTube junkie, chances are you might have seen this dude in more than half of the videos that keep showing up on your timeline– and for good reason!

This young, talented and funny ‘Dilli da Sardarboy’ is hysterical and great fun to watch. Basking in the glory of his newly-released music video by TVF CoCan Studio and a new web series – TVF Bachelors – Jizzy is all smiles as he talks to us about his journey so far, in an exclusive interview:

From coding in a corporate company to acting with Bollywood stars – how did it happen?

It has been a crazy ride. I think I realized at the time that whatever I was doing then, I would never stand out in it. It made me feel limited which is never good for confidence.

Besides that, I had made a YouTube channel called QLC – Quarter Life Crises, back in my college. And one of its videos really blew up– it right now has over a million views. Around the same time, TVF was also hiring. So I just applied online and got in. Then one thing led to another and I was suddenly chilling with Aditya Roy Kapoor on the sets of a Dharma movie!

How difficult was it to leave a secured job and join TVF at that stage?

It was not that difficult as I was very well encouraged by the people around me (except my parents, of course!). I was always the funny guy in most of the groups I hung out with. So yes, I did give it a second thought but nothing more than that.

How did your association with TVF/ Screen Patti begin?

As I mentioned, I joined TVF on a full time basis and TVF was generous enough to give us Screen Patti which was a great platform for us to learn, and execute stuff under the complete mentorship of the TVF creators. Since Screen Patti worked out and people started liking what we did, I got to collaborate with a lot of other great YouTube creators.

Based on your own experience, what advice can you give youngsters out there who’re trying to make a mark on YouTube, making videos etc.

I think sincerity is very important. Not just in being consistent by posting videos every week (which is also very, very important) but also make sure people realize that you take your work seriously. Other advice will be to just be smart about things, I mean don’t post a fun Diwali video on Holi or vice versa!

Which are your favourite Indian web series?

Most of them are from TVF itself: Pitchers (on top for sure), Permanent Roommates, Tripling and now Humorously Yours! I also liked Better Life Foundation.

Check out Jizzy in the new TVF’s Bachelors, episode 03: Bachelors On A Dry Day. You can watch the full episode here.

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