Have We Found Our Very Own Tina Fey? Bisht Please!

bisht please

There’s this episode of 30 Rock which starts with Tina Fey very confidently walking in to work saying, “This is gonna be my year! I can feel it!” right before all hell breaks lose at work and well…the drama begins.

The first 30 seconds of ‘Bisht, Please’ trailer reminds me of that.

A nice, young girl who wants to do the right thing but is somehow always at the wrong place, at the wrong time. That’s what TVF’s new comedy series is all about, and it looks awesome! Watch the trailer below and then find out what lead actress Nidhi Bisht and the show’s director Biswapati Sarkar have to say about their upcoming show.

Talking about this new series, Biswapati Sarkar, says: “I would like to thank Bollywood for being so male-centric as a result of which anyone who makes any progressive stories around women right now, seems fresh. Food for thought for all as we celebrate International Women’s Day tomorrow, March 8th.”

“Neetu Bisht’s character – Neetu – is based on the popular Diamond Comics character, Pinky – a Miss Do-Gooder whose character has been adapted for today’s modern world. Neetu falls victim to circumstances despite wanting to do the right thing, every time! Every misadventure of hers forms the crux of each episode. It’s a funny, enjoyable show!”

By her own admission, Nidhi’s character in ‘Bisht, Please’ is loosely based on her own real-life misadventures in Mumbai. “This is my flagship project. I have loaned my surname to the show, and it’s based on my misadventures in Mumbai. The story is an exaggerated version of my personal life. It’s scary… and exciting,” she said in an earlier interview.

‘Bisht, Please’ will premiere online on March 18, on TVF Play. Watch this space for more updates and interviews.


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