Dingo and Khanna Interview Part 2: ‘We want to get into trouble internationally in season 2’


This is part two of excerpts from our chat with Dingo and Khanna (actresses Saba Azad and Shreya Dhanwanthary). You can read part one here.

Which of the many debacles of Dingo and Khanna are most relatable to you?

Shreya: Relatable? Okay see, stories and parts really interest me when they have nothing to do with me and my life at all. I would like to play roles that are as far removed me from me as possible. So, if you would pitch an idea to me of a serial killer who likes to live in trees and likes honey, I would like that [laughs]. So, there is absolutely nothing related to Khanna or Dingo that is anywhere close to my real life or me, at all.

Saba: You know, episode 2 has actually happened to me– when my whole house was like covered in water. The pipes in the bathroom had burst. And I lived there, I couldn’t run away [like in the episode]. I had to get myself together and call the plumber and clean everything up. I think that is something a lot of my friends have also faced– especially the ones who’ve lived in Bombay at some point.

Over the course of this show’s first season, your characters have gotten smeared with vomit, poo and pee. How can you really top that in the finale?

Shreya: [Laughs] You’re right. But the finale is the culmination of the entire season. It’s a little bit tame [compared to earlier episodes].

Saba: Honestly though, all that shit, pee, stuff is really incidental to everything. The story is just a lot more than just potty humor and the fact of the matter is there’s very little potty humor in the scenes as such. It’s two women chatting about their lives and about what plagues them and what goes on in their heads. They could just as well have been stuck in six different bedrooms [instead of loos]. The conversations and the things that are happening to the girls– those are actually more poignant and something everyone can relate to.

ladies room

Will there be a Season 2 of Ladies Room?

Saba: Of course there’s gonna be a Season 2 [laughs], I hope.

Shreya: Saba and I have been actually pitching to take the show elsewhere. Like I want us to get in trouble in Poland with the police and shit, and get into trouble internationally. Basically we just want to go abroad and travel.

Assuming Season 2 happens, in what way do you see these characters evolving or maturing?

Shreya: Actually, I will ask you a question back: What do you like about Khanna and Dingo?

I love the nuances in the characters. In the first episode it seemed like Khanna is the mature one as compared to Dingo, but as the show progresses you see both of them leaning on each other for support.

Shreya: It’s like you said, I don’t know if they will be fun if they will evolve. Because, the show is a continuous saga like Game of Thrones where if you miss one episode you’re screwed. This you can start watching from at point and you’ll get the gist of what is happening. It’s more fun to see these girls get into trouble– which I why I mentioned I hope to see them get in trouble with international law, which is just going to be hilarious.

Saba: The whole idea is that shit happens to them. They could just as well be very rational, very clear-headed women. But they just keep ending up in situations that put them to the test. I hope we never grow up because then it wouldn’t be Khanna and Dingo.

Any Bollywood star you want to be with in Ladies Room Season 2?

Saba: I already have a Bollywood celebrity with me – Shreya Dhanwanthary [Laughs]. I am quite happy with my Khanna.

Shreya: We actually want to take it to the big screen. It will be so much fun to see these two get into trouble in like a road movie or something like that. This is just being too optimistic and positive.

What other Indian web series are you currently watching?

Shreya: I am so glad the web is opening up the way it is. There is amazing content out there. I started off with The Viral Fever stuff. They are unbelievable– the content they come up with… and I kind of find it very cool that I am an engineer and they’re engineers and all of us have come into this field and I love the content that they put out– TVF Pitchers especially.

There is something else that I recently started watching it’s called Better Life Foundation… I LOVE THAT SHOW! I was in splits when I saw that show. I wanted to personally reach out and thank them but you know they’d think I am like some creepy stalker.

Saba: I’m watching A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend. That is quite gripping and quite enjoyable. And, apart from that, little bit of Girliyapa – the first episode was hysterical in my opinion. Mallika Dua was in it I think and she was fantastic. And there’s this other one called Alisha – they’re like fashion detectives. It’s quite funny.

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