Bruno And Juliet: Imtiaz Ali Gives Us An Awesome Pawsome Love Story

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal

bruno and juliet

Imtiaz Ali brings to us a short film titled Bruno and Juliet narrating the love story of two dogs. The filmmaker has collaborated with Large Short Films for a three-movie association, and Bruno and Juliet is the first film. Bruno and Juliet is presented by Imtiaz and is written and directed by Khawar Jamsheed.

Imtiaz calls Bruno and Juliet, “a conventional love story of characters that are unconventional lovers for cinema – dogs. The film explores the basic need of two lovers to unite, only in this film the lovers are dogs.”

The short film depicts an unusual friendship and an unspoken love between two adorable dogs, Bruno and Juliet. Bruno – a St. Bernard is raised within the safe walls of a big house and is pampered with good food, care and love. Juliet, on the other hand, is a stray with no one to call her own and is regularly bullied by other strays and pedestrians. Both of them however develop a bond the first time they see each other.

“Bruno and Juliet is very special to me,” says the director Khawar Jamsheed. “It is about an unlikely friendship between two unlikely protagonists. I used to observe dogs in my neighbourhood closely and found their friendship very fascinating. So, I picked up my camera and started following the dogs filming them for 22 days.”

Check out this adorable short story below.