Bro Court Episode 1 Recap: No Tareek Pe Tareek In Bhuvan Bam’s Court!

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal

bro court episode 1

BB Ki Vines star Bhuvan Bam plays engineering hostel inmates ka ultimate “Bro” in his newly released web series – Bro Court.

Aptly titled, the series centres around our desi Van Wilder – Bandopant Ramniklal Ojha aka BRO – who resolves everyone’s petty issues by holding his own Panchayat-style hearings in a ‘Bro Court.’

The first episode of the series, which released yesterday, is titled ‘Brocountability’ and opens with Bro Bhuvan’s Kickstarter campaign ad to raise money for his innovative product – an anti-radiation underwear (and no, it’s not a dream sequence!).

Unfortunately, the ad fails to raise any funding for Bro’s ‘revolutionary’ product.

And one of the main reasons is: zero contribution from “chindi Sanju Marwari, jo kabhi paise nehi nikalta.”

Thus begins the trial…

After hearing both sides in this People vs Sanju Marwari case, Bro concludes that Sanju needs to loosen his purse strings and pay up. However, when Sanju declares himself “broke,” Bro Court decides to refer “Bro-vidhan” which, in such a case, calls for – “neelami!”

Check out the wacky and fun episode 1 of Bro Court below. A new episode of the series will release every Monday. Watch this space for more updates and interviews.

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