Better Life Foundation releases on AIB: ‘We’re excited to see how people react to it’ says Naveen Richard

better life foundation

Among the plethora of web series that have released so far this year, Better Life Foundation, is one that really stood out. It is definitely a welcome change from some of those forced comedies in the guise of ‘cool, youth-oriented’ content unleashed upon us.

However, in terms of viewership and visibility, maybe Better Life Foundation (made by Bangalore-based Them Boxer Shorts) did not become as popular as it deserves to be.

Enter All India Bakchod.

Today (July 29), BLF releases on AIB – undeniably, one of India’s most popular YouTube channel. We caught up with Naveen Richard – one of the geniuses behind Better Life Foundation – and asked him about this new collaboration, along with a bunch of other stuff… (Season 2 update? Sure. It’s coming out sooner than you think!)

Check out the interview below:

better life foundationHow did this collaboration with AIB happen?

We’ve been friends with the AIB guys for a while now. Also we are managed by the same company which is OML [Only Much Louder]. So, someone came up with the idea and we went for it.

AIB videos are notorious for featuring a lot of desi ‘colourful’ language and BLF is so different from all that…

Yeah, we’re really excited to see how people react to it. I’m sure it’s not for all of their audiences. Maybe just a small percent. But that’s what YouTube is there for– to experiment.

Does this mean future seasons will premiere on AIB as well?

No. Future seasons will go on TBS [Them Boxer Shorts].

What’s the lowdown on Season 2?

We are going to start writing it in the coming week. It should release by the end of the year.

Something you want to say about comparisons between Better Life Foundation and shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation?

We certainly used that style of filming and the mockumentary genre. We also wanted to base our show in a mundane place. But that’s all as far as the inspiration goes.

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Better Life Foundation is a mockumentary-style comedy web series where a documentary crew follows a group of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer, trying to make the world a better place. Watch the complete series on the AIB channel, below:

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