The Best Of Desi Political Satire On YouTube


The Indian digital space is resplendent with some vibrant comic capers that never miss a chance to take a dig at the political scenario in India. With their witty take on the latest happenings, they remind us how unthinkably ridiculous and unintentionally funny things can get. These are some of the best comic acts for pungent political humor


Controversy’s favorite collective and one of the top ranking Indian comic acts, AIB is notorious for its hard-hitting sketches that are flavoured with some biting satire. Their keen eye for political mishaps is ever ready to dish out the most maddening mess to hit the news. Give their On Air With AIB a watch as it is sure to have you hooked.

Vir Das

Known for his brutally honest humour, Das’ Potcast offers an incisive take on whatever’s wrong with the system at large. He is not afraid to call a spade a spade and his brand of bold, fearless comedy is refreshing. While his Potcasts are rather infrequent, they are definitely worth the wait.

Daniel Fernandes

Not everyone will find his deadly dark humour palatable but that only means they are missing out on some of the most reflective and thoughtful pieces of comedy out there. Never one to shy away from raking up the most topical issues, his spin on politically driven matters are comical and contemplative in equal parts.


Their fiery series ‘EIC: Outrage’ has been an eyeopener of sorts with its razor-sharp commentary on the affairs of the day. While this popular piece is no longer in the offing, their sketches usually border on issues of social interest, while they take a good hearty laugh at those in power.

Being Indian

Never overtly political in their content or style, theirs is a more understated approach to the issues of the day. Their skillfully stitched sketches with their slice-of-life comedy are light-hearted and fun but on multiple occasions, they manage to slip in a remark or two on the political picture of the country.