‘BB Ki Vines Happened By Accident’ – YouTube Star Bhuvan Bam On His Past, Present And Future

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Arjun Varma

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At 22, he’s killing it as a singer, songwriter, music composer, stage performer and YouTube superstar. Meet Bhuvan Bam – India’s youngest YouTuber to have reached a million subscribers. His channel BB Ki Vines is insanely popular among the youth for its relatable, candid and hilarious videos.

Bhuvan is a one-man show when it comes to his videos for BB Ki Vines. He shoots them himself while playing different quirky characters facing everyday middle class household problems. Packed with lots of cuss words and colourful language (he is a Dilliwala after all), the videos are a laugh-riot.

bhuvan-bamBhuvan is also part of the TVF family and has collaborated with the group on several videos and projects including a song for TVF’s Permanent Roommates. Talking about their association, Arunabh Kumar, Founder & CEO, TVF, says:

“TVF has been associated with BB ki Vines from the very start. It is one of the fastest growing YouTube channels and have made it to the ‘million’ likes category. TVF has collaborated with him [Bhuvan] in the past and will continue to collaborate with him in the future.”

We caught up with Bhuvan and got him to share a few interesting details about himself, BB Ki Vines, upcoming collaborations and what his future plans are. Check out his exclusive interview with TubeScoop, below.

How and when did your journey as a YouTuber begin?

BB Ki Vines happened by accident. A news reporter during Jammu floods asked a lady that ‘How do you feel losing your son in floods?’. This illogical brainless question provoked me to make a satire video and post it on social media. I randomly created a page with a couple of more videos which went viral.

What is your safalta ka raaz?

People, especially the youth, relate to my content. The day-to-day middle class household problems are well received by the viewers.

Tell us about your association with TVF. Is there a chance of seeing you in any one of their upcoming web series?

I recently released my debut single ‘Teri Meri Kahaani’ for TVF’s Permanent Roommates. You might see me in some more projects which are in the pipeline as of now.

Any Bollywood aspirations?

Frankly, I dream big. Every night before sleeping I promise myself to be more productive the next day and hopefully I’ll make it to Bollywood soon. But till then, YouTube is my silver screen.

Which is your favourite video from BB Ki Vines and why?

It’s quite unfair to choose one since each video has been through a lot of brainstorming, caffeine and sleepless nights. But ‘Valentine’s Hutiyapa’ is a special one since it changed the game for BB Ki Vines.

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