Bang Baaja Baaraat Season 2 work underway? Makers post photo of recent get-together

bang baaja baaraat

Season 1 of Y-Films’ Bang Baaja Baaraat ended with THE good news, you know, the one every wannabe grandparent wants to hear? Okay, we’ll tell you…but spoiler alert! Shahana is pregnant.

Considering that almost 9 months have passed, there wouldn’t be a better time for Y-Films to share some sort of an update on the eagerly-awaited Season 2 of the web series. (Sure there’s that pretty cool cameo of actor Ali Fazal in episode 2 of Y-Films’ Sex Chat With Pappu & Papa, where he’s seen as Pawan, who’s come to the hospital to take Shahana’s reports.)

But when do we get to see new episodes of Bang Baaja? Well, something tells us that some preliminary work on the second season may have already begun. Nikhil Taneja, ‎Head of Content & Development at Y-Films, recently tweeted a photo of himself with Bang Baaja director Anand Tiwari and co-writer Sumeet Vyas, captioned: “Bang. Baaja. Baaraat. Boys.”

We can only assume the team got together to discuss the way forward for the next season.

During a recent interview with TubeScoop, actor/writer Sumeet Vyas talked about meeting with Anand soon to plan work on the second season. “Hopefully, by end of this year we’ll have the script and everything ready, if not the whole series,” he said.

In an earlier interview (April 2016), Anand shared that the writers had different ideas on how to take the story forward in Season 2: “At the moment, the three writers – Sumeet (Vyas), Amrit (Amritpal Bindra) and I – have kind of agreed to disagree for a bit on which direction the show will take. Because there are two very strong possibilities from where we left off. So, we’re just munching our way into taking the right direction between the two,” he told TubeScoop.

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