Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2: Watch Episodes 5 And 6 Online; Government Issues Shoot-At-Sight Orders Against Jai

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal

24 season 2 online

Update: Unfortunately Viacom 18’s digital platform Voot, which released episodes of 24 while the show was on air, is no longer streaming it online 🙁

Following a series of nail-biting sequences, Jai and Roshan manage to escape from jail, but things only get worse. Home Ministry issues shoot-to-kill orders against both of them.

Shivani, who has a soft corner for Jai, asks the PM’s office to dismiss their shoot-at-sight orders as it will endanger Jai’s life who is still an ATU member. Home Ministry does not agree to her plea and brands Jai a ‘traitor’.

Check out the official synopses and ‘where to watch’ links for episode 5 and 6 of 24 Season 2, below:

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Episode 5: Will Jai Win The Game Of Death?

“Jai gains leverage over Commissioner Joshi by having his son kidnapped and compels him to jam all radio signals. He manages to secure Roshan Sherchand, but his plan backfires horribly when a prisoner riot breaks out, causing a total lockdown of the prison. As the cliff-hanger episode ends, Jai and Roshan are caught in a stand-off over who will survive the game of death!”

Click here to watch episode 5 online.

Episode 6: Virus Is Secure, Jai Is Not!

“The ATU team receives intelligence that leads them to the location of the virus, and they manage to contain the virus for now. Jai and Roshan’s outrageous escape from the Pune Central Jail irks the Prime Minister’s Office, resulting in a ‘Shoot At Sight’ order being issued against both fugitives. Roadblocks are in place, the cops are waiting. Jai has nowhere to go!”

Click here to watch episode 6 online.

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