Need break up advice? Kanan Gill and Co.’s latest video may help

Salina Uppal

Salina Uppal

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Salina Uppal

kanan gill

Kanan Gill is back with another sketch – this time he brings for us the most common and the hardest subject that we all have either dealt with or are dealing with in our daily lives – THE BREAK UP!

Part of Kanan Gill’s ‘How Insensitive’ series, TheBreakup – #FunWithU, is a hilarious portrayal of the attempt at breaking up with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

The young folks of our generation are so confused, that we barely know what exactly we want from our own lives and relationships. This funny 4-minute video will make you recollect all the jitters we get before the break up, the conflicting thoughts, the intense advice coming in from all corners, and that one friend who is on speed dial throughout the process.

Kanan Gill and his on-screen girlfriend Kaneez, are seen in a restaurant and both of them are constantly trying to come up with ideas to break up with each other. They have their respective friends on the phone throughout. They also have the siblings of the friends helping them out, and when the siblings fails and the friends are tired of helping with no outcome, the moms come to the rescue…well, sort of.

Watch the video and you’ll see how it actually ends (pun intended).

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