‘I Was Always Keen To Work On A Web Show’: Anil Kapoor Is Doing Strange New Things

Arjun Varma

Arjun Varma

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Anil Kapoor has become one of the first mainstream Bollywood stars to hop on to the web series bandwagon. The 24 star recently filmed the pilot for the digital adaptation of author Michel Faber’s 2014 sci-fi bestseller, The Book of Strange New Things.

“I was always keen to work on a web show and since this opportunity came along, I decided to take it,” said Kapoor while talking about the project which is produced by Amazon Studios.

The pilot is directed by Kevin MacDonald whose 2006 film, The Last King of Scotland, received global critical acclaim and won its lead actor, Forest Whitaker, the Oscar for Best Actor. The episode is written by Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies), who’s also the executive producer.

The future of the show will be based on the response to the pilot. If it gets picked up, the series will release and stream on Amazon Prime Video.

During an interview with Mumbai Mirror, Kapoor said that he is in sync with the changing times and is enjoying adapting to technological advancements in cinema.

“At the moment, content is consumed more than food. From a five-year-old to an old man in a hospital, everyone is constantly consuming content on their phones.”

Talking about the eagerly-awaited release of Amazon Video in India, Kapoor teased: “Amazon’s plans for India are incredible. They’re launching soon. It will blow everybody’s mind away. People just need to wait and watch.”

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About The Series And Anil Kapoor’s Role

The digital adaptation follows the story of an English priest who is sent into space to help establish a new colony but what he discovers there not only puts his faith to test but also life as he knows it. The priest comes across the planet of Oasis and meets Kapoor’s character -Vikram Danesh – the authoritative head of the base on Oasis.

On October 7, Anil took off to South Africa to film the pilot. He reportedly shot with Richard Madden (famous for playing Rob Stark on Game Of Thrones).

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