A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend Season 2 Is All About ‘Revenge, Redemption And Revolution’

aisha my virtual girlfriend season 2

Last year’s sleeper hit web series, A.I.SHA My Virtual Girlfriend, is back with its second season and we’re super thrilled. India’s first cyberpunk web series, A.I.SHA season 1 ended with a pretty intense and dramatic cliffhanger (we won’t give away any spoilers) and the season 2 trailer promises that things will be “twice as dangerous” this time around.

A Quick Recap

A.I.SHA or Artificial Intelligence Simulated Humanoid Assistant is Sam’s (Harman Singha) work of genius. Sam is a 26-year old app developer, and in most parts, a loner and loser, working for a ruthless, megalomaniac boss – Sid (Raghu Ram).

Using A.I., Sam creates a virtual girlfriend who develops a mind of her own and becomes sentient. Sam doesn’t quite realise what he has done and things soon spiral out of control.

What To Expect From Season 2

While the award-winning first season set the tone and the pace for a thrilling, racy finale, the second season will be all about revenge, redemption and a revolution that threatens to destroy anyone who comes in the way of power, control and world domination.

Will Aisha return to her creator Sam or partner with his nemesis, Sid? Do the police find Sam? Who killed Kriti? Who is Maya? The plot only gets more sinister with several twists and turns.

“We’re fast approaching a world where the power balance depends on who controls A.I. Season 2 is a peek into this exciting and scary world and A.I.SHA is at the centre of this deadly power struggle. This season takes this great game to the next level,“ actor Raghu Ram said in a statement.

The second season will premiere on March 23, 2017 across Arre’s Android and iOS app, its official website and YouTube channel.

Watch this space for more updates and interviews.

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